Real Estate Law

Our law firm advises any individual or corporation in cases involving real estate, and assists them in litigation.

In the field of real estate, the interests in terms of financial value and emotions are usually considerable because they concern the housing of a family, the workplace of a company or the main asset of an investor or in an inheritance.

Property law and contracts related to a real estate asset are subject to various restrictions and regulations in Switzerland. Therefore, it is essential to be advised by a real estate professional.

Our areas of practice in real estate law mainly cover:

  • Tenancy Law
  • Construction Law

  • Construction Contracts

  • Architect Contracts

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Condominium (PPE)

  • Property law (Easements, Usufruct, Building Right etc.)

  • LGZD (« zone de développement ») and LDTR Regulations

  • Lex Friedrich (Acquisitions by Foreigners) and Lex Weber (Restrictions on Second Homes)